Phase 1 l FARM

Stage 1: Initial ecosystem development
Phase 1: Part One, Farming
The first phase will integrate the creation of the token in the BSC together with several liquidity pools in order to create the first functionality of the described token, through these liquidity pools a staking of the token will be possible, this staking will be programmed by means of two smart contracts created on this network. The first contract is important but it will only be the creation of an LP token which will be integrated into the second contract to generate the rewards of the pool.
Therefore, and as we see the second contract is the important one, let see it in details:
The second contract is in charge of generating the rewards and redistributing them throughout the decentralized ecosystem.
About this second contract, it is important to take into account that, in order to create a distributed, decentralized, autonomous and self-sufficient organic economy, creating economies of scale, a series of measures described below will be taken:
The primary fee for introducing the LP tokens in the generator staking contract is 2% of the LP tokens, from here the tokens generate more amount of LP tokens that can be obtained at the end of the contract.
It should be noted that the contract can be terminated at any time, however, as we have indicated, we want a lasting and organic project in the long term, so after a large study we have come to the conclusion of creating this type of fee so that the project works in time:
We have created a programmed system that can be verified in the smart contracts of the liquidity pools based on:
Within the "initial FEEs" we include:
  1. 1.
    2% initial fee of the LP token, it is IMPORTANT to understand that this fee will not be distributed to us, the developers, but will be included and will always be so to the liquidity pool, in this way it will be finally distributed to the Emporium stakers.
  2. 2.
    These stake LP tokens cannot be recovered until 15 minutes after the first deposit, in this way we eliminate certain harmful practices.
  3. 3.
    If after these 15 minutes you want to recover the remaining LP, we indicate that the fee to remove them will start at 20%, reducing this by 2% daily until reaching a minimum of 2% after 10 days. Like the initial fee, all these “initial” fees will go directly to the liquidity pool.
Within the rewards we include
  1. 1.
    By staking our EMPORIUM LP tokens in the pool that is most favorable to us, we will receive a reward amount of these same Tokens depending on the supply and demand at each time.
  2. 2.
    If we want to recover both the tokens held and the rewards of these tokens when they are held, we can remove them from the pool, indicating that a fee of 0.5% of these rewards will be included in the liquidity pool and another 0.4% in the pool. developers account in terms of maintaining the services and continuing to develop the project according to the stages described here, another 0.1% that will be allocated to savings for future protocols.
Devs Only 3% of the fees will go to the devs wallet.
Future Lending Protocol We think and build in the long term and one of our main objectives is the Lending protocol, which is why we support it from the beginning.
TEAM Our goal is to increase the team with great experts in each subject and sector, in order to provide an innovative product of the highest quality.
Liquidity Pool Farm. With the aim of increasing the useful life of obtaining the touch, to increase distribution among the largest possible users. Since the Farm is only the beginning of the utility of the token, just a way for you to get more token while we launch the following protocols in the that the token will obtain more utilities and so with the successive protocols that will be implemented.
Liquidity Pool Dex The same protocol will inject liquidity, in this way we will obtain retention and trust in liquidity in a healthier way.
NFT Reward This is the Pool which will receive liquidity from the Fees of the farm, it acquires 50% of all the fees to convert them into a reward for the holders of the NFT. This reward is delivered in stable currency, and this detail is very important, because it is not affected by negative factors of loss of value, it simply increases based on user activity and volume.